Helping Durham Enjoy Durham

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Last Tuesday, we met with Jeremy Roth from Motorco Music Hall.  He gave us a great opportunity to learn how local businesses contribute to the production of community in Durham.

Jeremy explained that the idea behind Motorco was to provide a space that accomplished two goals.  First, it would allow diverse groups from Durham to meet and interact freely.  Second, Motorco would become a space where the city’s residents could enjoy performing arts.  This, according to Jeremy, seemed important for a Durham because of its large arts community.  He explained that helping to mold the city’s night life was a way of bringing people together.  Those interactions could result in artistic creativity or political discussion.  Significantly, our access to these sorts of exchanges are important for creating ours and the city’s identities.

Enjoy the excerpt from our interview below.


"I want to live in a town where people interact"


Patanjali’s Place: a Community Yoga Space

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Sharing Yoga

Plenty of people in Durham and elsewhere practice yoga. Others are not as familiar with the ancient practice. Patricia Mendizabal, an instructor from Patanjali’s Place, explained what yoga offers individuals and communities in Durham.

Check out what she had to say.

Also, check the students’ photos. They managed to catch a few shots of poses that looked pretty difficult.

Durham Center for Senior Life

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Today students from SeeSaw Studio and I visited the Durham Center for Senior Life, where we asked questions about the changes that Durham has undergone in recent years. Opinions varied widely. Some found that today the city offers much more to its youth than it did in the past. Evidence of this positive change included the availability of a nearby skatepark. In addition, the widespread use of technology offers possibilities for personal and economic growth that some of our interviewees never imaged. At the same time, some of our collaborators believed that life in Durham has become more difficult. They mentioned economic changes that have accompanied increases in crime. Some of these collaborators explained that this combination of factors has adversely effected the city’s Black community.

As students listened to stories based in Durham and elsewhere, one man–he had been introduced by the others as the guy to talk to–watched silently. I sat next to him and started a conversation. He was 95 years old, and had spent over 60 years of his life in New York before returning to North Carolina in recent years. He was hesitant to speak with us because he didn’t have “hardly any education.” I responded, telling him that 95 years of education was more than enough.

95 years

For the next minutes, he told me about working in a Durham tobacco factory. He described moving to New York in 1945 at the age of 18. He sadly spoke about his wife, an educated woman who “built him up.” Now he has returned to Durham to be with his people, but he insisted that the city hasn’t changed that much.

I was happy to listen to his story.


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I’ve spoken to this lady at the senior center about what Durham as a community means to her. She has lived in this city for over 40 years and she said that “A lot has changed ever since I moved here”  She also said that “Durham has gotten very very worse. We talked about things like crimes and others that are happing in Durham and she and her husband doesn’t understand why it’s happening. She was saying that we needed a great leader like Martin Luther King and Malcom X. We need leaders like them to help us do better around the community such as getting along with others and treating them with respect. I asked her if she thinks Durham will become a better place and she doesn’t seem to think that it will get better because of all the violence and crimes that are happening around Durham. She is a very interesting person because when she moved to Durham in 1972, there was many black people that had great jobs and many people getting along without a problem. Even though violence and crimes are happening in the city, she still feels safe with all the black people around such as her friends and her loved ones.

I chose the black and white photo because the tiny plant is growing and to me, that shows a symbol of life. After i took this picture, it looked fun but also relaxing at the same time. The picture looks like a crazy fun playground in New York or Florida. This is a place where kids or teenagers would go to have fun or just chill.

Two views of Community

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In these photos are people expressing what community is in there own way. First is Patricia showing her love of yoga and how it could help people relax and be calm through out the day, and showing off her favorite  move. Picture two is some senor’s talking how Durham has changed so much from transportation to life around the city and life lessons.

My Work

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I toke the picture like this because I thought if I took the picture side ways it would look artistic…….. I also like this photo because this is my little sister and I took this photo at her bus stop and I was asking her questions while I was taking photos of her. (Q: What do you like about Durham?   A: I think Durham an exciting place where we can all come together) She was a really good sport.

I like looking at the second photo because I wanted the voga teacher to do one of her favorite moves.

I Don’t Know

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I like these to images because they were hard to find, and I had to move the camera and the wood in the first picture to make it the way I wanted it. I got both of these pictures from a senior center and got many other pictures as well.  Autumn Angle was taken by taking a picture of two orange colored leafs that were on a plant at the senior center. I moved around so that I could get the picture I wanted, then I saw the light in-between the leaves then took the picture. For the Unknown Symbol picture I used the two wooden organizers of a pool table, then put the smaller organizer in the bigger one. Then I put the white ball in the bottom of the smaller organizer, turned on the flash, then took the picture.